5:15-5:30- video time


Thesis: The video evokes a sense of guilt in young black Americans in order to get them to question their language and its relationship with their identity. But for young white Americans this evokes a sense of apathy as it pertains to understanding and acknowledging the context and environment  in which the N-word is allowed to thrive.


  1. One way the video evokes this guilt is by including historical civil rights references depicting Black protesters being beaten at a lunch counter

  2. The video also evokes guilt by correlating the use of the N-word with a dramatic fictional portrayal of “black on black” crime; implying that somehow the resurgence of this word perpetuates the destruction of black communities.
  3. the video as it is part of a whole, is used as a tool to teach white Americans (old or young) to categorize Black people and language with the stereotypical  mainstream black experience portrayed in the video.  The video justifies the apathy felt by white Americans all while refusing to acknowledge their current state of oppression and perpetuating stereotypes.
  4. The video evokes apathy by not only implying that using the N-word somehow fuels violent culture, but this “violent culture” or the act portrayed in this video is one that Blacks are solely responsible for as a collective and whites/or majority are innocent in the matter.  I call it the “thug by nature and nature has its own cycle”  repetition of ideas.