When attempting to conduct maintenance on my site (adding different effects), I literally sat and looked at my home page  for about 5 minutes in dissatisfaction. The way my pages were arranged made the blog appear confusing and mirrored too much the look of a theme for advertisement. So I made the decision to change the theme for more personal reasons and the custom front so that it appears more organized and “serious”.

I chose the name Brae Ebonics because growing up and attending a inner city school in Atlanta, success and intellect was always equated with “proper language”. Students who used “Ebonics” were  seldom afforded the privileges and opportunities as students who used mainstream English. Instead of our teachers acknowledging that Ebonics is in some way apart of Black culture like any other lingual variation(ex: creole) and that it can be used better the educational process, they strip the students of any identity and through implied teaching force the students into assimilation where Black identity will become obsolete.Naming my website Brae Ebonics  signifies that I am a product of my very on thesis; I am the child who learned through Ebonics while embracing “proper language” so that my progression in society is not delayed. I hope that explains! 🙂