Within my previous post I mentioned that the clothing worn by the airline employees within the marketing ad was somehow meant to appease a specific audience. I claimed that the things they were wearing framed the image of what mainstream femininity was during that time. Gentle, caring, and beautiful female servants whom are eager to wait hands and foot on the customer which would more than likely be a man at the time. It is important that we understand the context of this particular situation in relation to time period. Women during era were extremely limited as to what careers they could holds o it makes sense that a job where it’s duties aligned with the everyday traditional roles of women subscribe to gender roles. One particular artifact validates my claim and exposes many of the internal memos flight attendants had to subscribe to during those times. Among the memos were guidelines for a tidy “sexy” appearance. Abiding by the look of the job was not optional and critical in maintaining your job in a workforce that limited women’s occupation options.