Smitherman, G. (2017). Other People’s English: Code-Meshing, Code-Switching, and African American Literacy. English Journal106, 73-75.

In the above journal, the concept of “code switching” is addressed. In my Etymology draft I continuously emphasized that context plays a significant role in the interpretations of the N-word. I am not deciding to go back on my perspective, but I  will plan to revise and include the idea that setting a significant role in the usage the N-word just as much as context. I will explain this by describing my own experience as a Black student who has learned to censor herself when accompanied by peers from opposing socio-economic  and/or ethnic backgrounds. When in the revision process I will avoid implying that the N word is another profane term; instead I plan to explain how society creates stigmas around the various vernaculars used by minority groups, especially that of Black Americans. I will find a way to incorporate the sensationalizing of Ebonic speaking Black civilians interviewed by the media whos motives can be called in to question on if they’re trying to demean the character of Blacks Americans.